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Our Inspiration: The Legacy of a Best Teacher Award Winner
J.V. Pranesh Rao, a passionate educator with a vision for a brighter tomorrow, is the inspiration behind Incredibletots. As his grandchild, I am proud to carry forward his legacy, believing that his pathway and passion have guided me to this path. With a legacy that includes the prestigious Best Teacher Award in 1976, he instilled in us the significance of nurturing young minds with care and excellence.
In line with his philosophy, we have endeavored to make education holistic, fostering intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and empathy. By encouraging a love for learning from a young age, we aspire to lay a robust foundation for future generations, just as my grandfather envisioned.

Our Philosophy: Guiding the way to excellence

Our philosophy is simple: we want every child to feel special, respected, and supported as they grow. We strongly believe in the saying that “The mind needs rest as much as the body”. This is why we strive to bring balance in a child’s life – a balance between learning and the freedom to explore, create, and play.

Our teachers are like parents to the kids. They recognize the unique strengths and talents of each child and help them reach their full potential. Our ultimate goal is to help children reach their full potential and lead a successful life.

Our Vision for children to shine bright

Our vision is to create a supportive environment where every child feels like a shining star. We want to see children blossom confidently and ready to take on the world with a smile. In our vision, every child’s journey is filled with laughter, learning, and endless possibilities.

Our Exceptional Management

Our management style is all about teamwork and making things better every day. We believe in transparent and open communication to cultivate trust with parents and students. Our team makes decisions carefully to make sure we’re always doing what’s best for the children. At Incredible Tots, we create an atmosphere that radiates happiness, safety, and boundless opportunities for growth.